How You Can Live Longer

Nobel prize winner, Dr. Roger Sperry showed that we spend 90% of our brain’s energy on posture alone. The other 10% is used for thinking, metabolizing, and healing.

If our postural muscles are strong and fit and we have optimal function of our spine, we will have a greater ability to spend energy on thinking, metabolizing, and healing.

What Good Posture Means

We often think of people who have good posture as having an aura of self confidence, standing tall, erect and proud, while a person with poor posture gives off the opposite vibrations. The reason for this is because people with a healthier postural structure do not have to spend an excess amount of energy on holding up their body. They literally have more usable energy for thinking, metabolizing, and healing. They are simply healthier people.

Optimal Function

The nerves from our brain and spinal cord go to every part of our body. The slightest distortion from normal spinal posture serves as an indication that some tissue, organ, or system in our body is receiving less than normal nerve power and is operating at an abnormal level.

Posture is an immediate tool by which to gain insight into the stamina of one’s optimal function even in the absence of symptoms. Research has shown that extremely poor posture and spinal dysfunction (subluxations) can create up to 60% blockage of nerve function. One hundred percent nerve blockage to any tissue or organ means death or cessation of function. Therefore, improving the function of a persons spine and posture can have life changing potential.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic wellness care has the tools to show people how to have the ability to think better, metabolize more efficiently, and heal at a higher quality. If you or one of your family members has poor posture, make an appointment with a Chiropractor immediately and find out for yourself the life changing events that can occur from having a proper functioning spine and nervous system.

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