How Healthy Is Your Body?

Dr. Roger Sperry, a Noble prize winning neuropsychologist and neurobiologist, discovered that 90% of a human brain’s daily activity is involved with positioning its body against gravity. In other words, it is used for posture alone. The other 10% is used for thinking, metabolizing, and healing.

Energy and Repair

Poor posture is a condition that can drain energy needed to perform tasks in the body and can significantly affect health and wellness. People with poor posture will have a decreased ability to heal, metabolize, and to think clearly.

All body parts need to receive 100% of a brain’s mental impulses in order to live and repair at 100%. If for instance, you have fibromyalgia or heart disease, do you think you are in need of more energy and repair from your brain to your body parts, or would you prefer to have reduced energy?

Health, Wellness and Posture

You can live a healthy, active lifestyle if you build up your nervous system with attention to posture. The slightest distortion from normal spinal posture serves as an indication that some organ or system within your body is operating at a low level. Posture becomes an immediate tool by which to gain insight into the stamina of one’s optimal function even in the absence of symptoms.

Preventing Nerve Blockage

Your posture changes instantaneously with every impact and weight load and at times of exhaustion. But, symptoms may not show until years later. By then, you may have weakened your spine and nervous system. Weakened posture can create misaligned spinal bones, or subluxations, which can generate up to a 60% nerve blockage. In many cases of back pain, you must have a 60% blocked nerve flow in order to feel it. So if you wait for pain, it may be too late. A person who has bad posture then may have sickness inside.

As a “spinal specialist,” a Chiropractor specializes in detecting misaligned spinal bones by studying posture along with many other tests to see how healthy a person is. Chiropractic wellness care not only can help you with posture but has a variety of other health and wellness benefits.

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