Thousand Oaks, CA Chiropractic Doctor, Dr. Alan Rosenthal D. C., Offers Safe Solutions For Headaches

Thousand Oaks, CA, 5-NOV-2011:

Whole Health Family Chiropractic is pleased to announce that Dr. Alan Rosenthal, D. C., Thousand Oaks chiropractor offers natural and safe solutions to individuals suffering from headache pain. The doctor uses a holistic approach for addressing headache pain that includes identifying and dealing with all factors contributing to the pain.

When interviewed recently, Dr. Rosenthal stated, “As the number of people suffering from headaches has increased, I have focused my practice on offering solutions that include both care and education. There are many factors and triggers that can cause debilitating headache pain. I work very closely with my patients to identify and address the triggers to ensure that there is no recurrence of the pain.”

Dr. Rosenthal discusses triggers, lifestyle, and normal activities with patients to determine the history and frequency of the pain. He will also conduct a physical exam and take x-rays to identify any compressed discs that may be pinching nerves and contributing to the pain. When stiffness accompanies the pain, the doctor will conduct mobility and flexibility testing to identify the extent of the damage to the extremities of the body.

After collecting and analyzing the information, Dr. Rosenthal will address the immediate issues causing the headache pain. Using gentle, low-force manipulation, the doctor realigns discs that are pinching nerves and preventing proper circulation to the brain. He also will make recommendations for steps an individual can take to reduce the occurrence of headache pain through diet, exercise, and stress management training.

To get more information regarding the safe solutions offered by Dr. Alan Rosenthal, D. C., Thousand Oaks Chiropractor visit today. Individuals who would like more details about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Alan Rosenthal, D. C.

Whole Health Family Chiropractic

712 N. Moorpark Rd.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Telephone: 805-449-0061

Fax: 805-449-0014


Summary: Dr. Alan Rosenthal, D. C., Thousand Oaks Chiropractor offers safe and natural solutions for headache pain. The doctor uses a holistic approach that includes both care and education to empower patients and give them the ability to address triggers for the pain proactively. Dr. Rosenthal identifies the pain and factors contributing to the headache, so that individuals can achieve a greater quality of life.

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